Audio erotica for women...

Hear your desires, desire what you hear. 
The only online site dedicated to exploring and bringing women’s fantasies to life.

What is Whispper?

It is the sexual stimulation of the mind through listening. Recorded by a real person with a creative imagination and a tallent for makeing women smile.

Why Whispper?

The demand for exploring female erotic fantasies is significant. Most men and some women don’t realise that you have to stimulate the mind before any other part of the body. All the stories are real fantasies, narrated with skill, creativity and detail. Allowing your mind to drift and take you to a place I doubt you have been before.

How does it work?

Create an account and choose from the library to download your story. You pay per download and it is stored in your personal library where you can listen to it where, when and as many times as you want to.

Would you like to listen to a sample…?

Hearing is believing, listen to a free audio to hear for yourself. If it’s something you would like to explore then you can create your own private account and library.